Specializing In Custom Fabrications Since 1995

Where We Began

We started EMP in 1995 in a 2,000sqft building with three employees, on-site designing and engineering existing food processing equipment. From there we proceeded with the fabrication of metal parts and structural fabrications necessary to modify and upgrade our business.

Since then, EMP has evolved into a top-of-the-line metal fabrication shop. We are now located in Jackson, WI in a 30,000sqft facility with over 30 dedicated employees. Our capabilities have expanded from modification and upgrades to everything from prototyping to production runs. Our ISO 9001:2015 certification shows our commitment to quality and our staying power as an organization. We currently service the printing, packaging and medical component industries.

EMP will continue to expand and develop lasting and prosperous relations with customers across a diverse number of industries. We were founded with the goal of providing superior quality products coupled with unrivaled service and as we continue to grow, our focus remains on elevating this intention.

Thank you for considering us as a partner for your manufacturing needs.

Find who you are looking for

Nick Fischer

Director of Operations

(262) 677-3800 + 118

Nate Unger

Sales Manager

(262) 677-3800 + 117

Gina Leonard

Product Estimator

(262) 677-3800 + 114

Jim Dlobik

Production Manager

(262) 677-3800 + 122

Dan Audley

Quality Control Manager

(262) 677-3800 + 141

Adam Hagen

Shipping & Receiving Manager

(262) 677-3800 + 125

Peter Breimon

Laser & Punch Manager

(262) 677-3800 + 115

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