Our 30,000 sq. ft. facility can accomodate your next large project

How We Operate

With over 25 high-quality metal fabrication machines, our capabilities are endless. Take a tour of our shop to learn more.

Hover over each section to read about what machines we run and what materials we work with.

How We Operate

With over 25 high-quality metal fabrication machines, our capabilities are endless. Take a tour of our shop to learn more.

Main Offices

Our draftsman specialists work in SolidWorks, ZWCAD, & JETCAM to get your products set up for production.


We keep a variety of different materials stocked such as mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, & galvanized steel. We can also order and work with copper, brass, & titanium.

Just let us know what material you would like to use, and we can provide it for you.

Laser Station

We have 3 Lasers running round the clock:
• Mazak 3015 DDL Laser
60”x120” table size with load/unload automation system

• Amada FO3015M2NT CO2 Laser
60”x120” table with shuttle

• Amada Apelo Laser and Punch Combination
60”x144” table size

Capabilities to laser mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, & brass

Press Break Station

We are running 5 different Press Breaks:
• Amada HDS-1303NT
• Amada HDS-8025NT
• Amada RG-5020LD
• Amada RG-3512LD
• 100Ton Accupress break

Capacity to bend up to 11′ of 0.25″ mild steel or 5′ of 0.50″ mild steel

Fastener Station

We insert PEMs using 2 Automation Fasteners that have up to a 24″ throat depth and 8 ton max.

We stock all common PEM fasteners and can special order non stocked PEMs with a 2 day delivery.

Welding Station

We work on Miller TIG & MIG welders as well as a Spot Welder & Stud Welder. After each weld we clean the surface to remove any discoloring.

Machining Station

We use a variety of different machines to provide you with the product you need:
• 3 Machining Mills
• 3 Flexarm Hi Speed Tapping Machines
• Niagra Power Pinch Roller

Shear Station

We work with 3 types of saws that can cut up to 12″ of square material.

Metal Finishing Station

We have a variety of different machines and tools to make sure you get your final product in the highest finishing standards.

To name a few machines we use:
• 37” Timesaver machine with a fluid bath and part dryer
• We can provide a number 4 polish on steel, aluminum, or stainless steel up to 20ft long
• 42” vibratory demurring machine to handle small parts
• Sand and Bead blasting of steel, stainless steel & aluminum

Inspection Station

We have a dedicated parts inspector checking with a Faro Portable CMM Arm machine on an 8′ granite table to ensure you receive high-quality parts.

We can also offer you first article inspection reports.

Finish Coat Station

We work closely with a number of companies where we can offer you powder coating, zinc plating, anodizing, and heat treating.

Shipping Station

With our 2 large box trucks & 1 SUV delivery truck, we can get your product to you in a timely manner. We typically deliver within a 200 mile radius from our location but we also work with many freight companies that allows us to ship nationwide.

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“EMP is a top notch vendor for me. Great quality and service.”
– United Tool, Inc.